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South America

America LatinaThese pages introduce our expanded coverage of Central and South America, a region of the world that has long been the stuff of legend in the annals of exploration. The glorious empires of the Inca and the Aztec arose here, amid a natural world no less magnificent. At the heart of South America lies the Amazon rainforest, the realm of one of the world's greatest rivers and the richest ecological region on our planet. Along the continent's spine are the Andes, a spectacular wall of snow-capped peaks and sulfurous volcanic turmoil. Add to this some of the world's most fabled resorts and it becomes easy to see why the last few decades have witnessed an exponential growth in travel to Latin America. From

If you have questions about trip to South America and Igaussu Falls, please feel free to cal Mariana at (847) 291-6500 or e-mail me at info@  7 months ago I came back from Brazil and Argentina where I spent two weeks checking the hotels in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires trying different excursions and I'll be happy to help you.


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