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Safari. The word simply means "travel" in Swahili, but for many, it alludes to wonders first envisioned in childhood: sweeping savannas, big snarling cats, thundering herds of elephant and wildebeest. Like its meaning, the word roams the imagination, becoming other words and places, like serengeti, sahara, or Kilimanjaro. Safari crosses the landscape of the mind, until it finally merges with the name of the great continent itself, Africa.

Africa invites our travelers to explore all the traditional African safari destinations, but the game parks and wildlife reserves are only the beginning of the adventure. The second largest continent on Earth, Africa contains more countries than any other. With a history of human habitation that begins with the oldest known ancestors of man, the continent's cultural wealth easily matches its natural attractions. Empires rose and fell in Africa thousands of years before the European powers began their protracted exploitation of the continent, and much pre-colonial culture remains intact.



If you have some requests about African Safari, please feel free to call Natalie at (847) 291-6500
or e-mail It was Ernest Hemingway who popularised the old Swahili verb to travel - safari -in his stories on big-game hunting in East Africa. I've just come back from Kenya and Tanzania and I'll be happy to help you.


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